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Stickerman Studios is a well established branding studio based in Hampshire.

Providing signage and vehicle graphics to a wide range of companies.


Stickerman Studios

About this project

This was a unique project as this site was already built on another platform. So why did we build it? Basically the client was locked into a rather pricey contract with a major web directory website and paid a monthly fee but had no ability to download a backup of their website as it was only rented.

What we done for Stickerman was an exact clone of their current website but on WordPress. They now have full ownership of their website and save thousands each year. We do still manage and host this site but at the clients request and they have a full copy of their website and are free to take it to any host they want at any point.

We managed to get an identical replica of this website but also added some extra features as well as improvement in Google rankings that they wasn’t getting but paying for on their old platform.

So if you are paying expensive monthly website fees to a company and want out but don’t want to lose your current site, drop us a message. We can help.

There’s many companies out there that charge extortionate monthly fees for your website. They lock you into a contract and won’t give you a full back up of your website so you are trapped with them. Be wary of these types, because there’s usually a reason they make it difficult to leave and that’s because it’s not value for money and there’s cheaper alternatives.

If you need help cloning your website, get in touch.