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Top tips for website maintenance UK – Cheap Websites UK

Maintaining a website is a bit like tending a flourishing garden; it needs regular care to thrive. At Cheap Websites UK, we’re all about making sure that once your site is live, it continues to grow and perform at its best. That’s why, alongside our website maintenance services (SiteCare), we’ve put together some top tips to help you keep your website fighting fit.

1. Regular content updates

Picture your website’s content as the vibrant window display of your high-street shop. To keep it fresh and enticing—and importantly, up-to-date—regular content reviews are crucial. Not only do these updates keep your content engaging for returning visitors, but they also significantly boost your search engine ranking.

Search engines love fresh content, as do your visitors. Establish a routine to update your blog posts, revamp stale copy, and refresh images that no longer showcase your brand’s vitality. Regular website maintenance like this helps reduce bounce rates and enhances your online presence.

2. Routine backup checks

While backing up your website data might seem mundane, it’s absolutely essential. Imagine the setback of losing your latest blog entries, customer data, or the entire site layout due to a technical glitch or security breach.

Routine backup checks act as your digital safety net, ensuring you can restore your site and resume operations without a hitch. Automate this process to run in the background, and rest easy knowing your digital assets are secure and replicable.

3. Accessibility audits

Accessibility is a priority, not an afterthought. Ensuring your website is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, isn’t just about following best practices—it’s about opening your digital doors to a broader audience.

Frequent accessibility checks help you identify and amend any barriers that may hinder full interaction with your site. From tweaking colour contrasts to enhancing navigation for keyboard-only users, making your site accessible widens your audience and enriches their experience.

4. Responsive design testing

In today’s world, where tech gadgets vary from tiny phone screens to expansive desktop monitors, your website’s got to look stunning across all devices.

Regular testing ensures your design adjusts and functions flawlessly, offering everyone a premium user experience. Remember, a site that excels on a desktop but stumbles on mobile is likely to increase bounce rates and tarnish your online reputation.

5. Security scans

Last but by no means least, regular security scans are the vigilant sentinels of your website. In an age where cyber threats are ever-present, proactive security checks are crucial for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Implementing consistent security practices not only protects your site but also preserves the trust of your visitors.

Implementing routine security measures, such as updating SSL certificates and security patches, not only protects your site but also reinforces trust with your visitors. Regularly update your security plugins and stay on top of the latest digital defence tactics to keep the internet gremlins at bay.
What is Cheap Websites UK – Webste Maintenance?

We’re not just about building beautiful websites at Cheap Websites UK, but ensuring they stay vibrant and function flawlessly long after their launch with our website maintenance package: SiteCare.

SiteCare is designed to keep your website dynamic and effective, covering everything from web hosting to regular updates, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
Advanced hosting and security setup

In collaboration with WPEngine, a leader in secure WordPress hosting, we ensure your site is not only fast but robust against digital threats. This partnership combines our design expertise with reliable infrastructure, optimised specifically for WordPress, to provide a secure foundation for your digital presence.

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What you’ll get at website maintenance uk service:

Secure, optimised WordPress hosting with WPEngine.
Real-time site monitoring using Pingdom to ensure maximum uptime.
Swift resolution of downtime issues, often before they impact your users.

Speed optimisation and manual checks

Your site’s performance is critical, not just for a seamless user experience but also for maintaining better search engine rankings. We conduct bi-monthly speed checks and optimisations to ensure your site maintains optimal page speed and functionality.

What you’ll get at website maintenance uk service:

Regular speed tests to assess site performance.
Proactive optimisations to enhance site speed and overall functionality.
Strategic insights and recommendations for ongoing performance enhancements.

WordPress and updating plugins

Utilising WordPress offers tremendous flexibility and functionality, necessitating regular software updates for security and performance. Our SiteCare includes updates to WordPress and all associated plugins, ensuring your website remains cutting-edge.

What you’ll get at website maintenance uk service:

Regular updates to WordPress and plugins to enhance security and functionality.
Assurance that your website is utilising the latest technological advancements.

Proactive website enhancements

Beyond basic maintenance, our SiteCare includes dedicated development time each month for enhancements, ensuring your website never stagnates and continues to evolve alongside your growing business.

What you’ll get at website maintenance uk service:

A minimum of 2 hours of development time each month for website improvements.
The ability to roll over unused hours for significant updates.

Priority support and dedicated account management

Choosing SiteCare means you gain not just maintenance but a dedicated team ready to swiftly tackle any challenges. With prioritised service and a dedicated account manager, we ensure any issues are promptly and effectively resolved.

What you’ll get at website maintenance uk service:

Priority handling of any issues with a dedicated account manager.
Regular updates and communication about the status of your website.

Caring for your website beyond its launch

Opting for Cheap Websites UK’s Website Care is about peace of mind, knowing your digital platform is expertly cared for, continuously monitored, updated, and improved.

Explore our portfolio to see the thriving websites supported by our comprehensive website maintenance plan. We’ll manage the intricacies of website maintenance, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.


Contact us today for your website maintenence or website design project:

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